Trendy innovation and lightning-speed journey have enabled many to eat unrestricted by the seasons. Craving squash in July, or asparagus in December? The grocery retailer has it. Even farmers’ markets carry a number of low season objects—equivalent to apples year-round. However simply because it’s there doesn’t imply it’s at its peak. Trendy comfort might have eradicated seasonality, however that’s not essentially a profit on the subject of style. We requested Kenny Tanaka of Tanaka Farms in Irvine, CA and VegNews Meals Editor Joni Marie Newman to study extra about summer time greens and the way to put together them. 

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1. Corn

We all know, we all know, corn is technically a fruit, however as a result of it eats like a vegetable, we’re together with it right here. Farmer Tanaka even put white candy corn on the high of his summer time vegetable checklist. “It’s so candy, you’ll be able to eat it uncooked!” he exclaimed. Whereas shucking could be a slight inconvenience, it’s completely price the additional effort for contemporary corn throughout the summer time months. When choosing your ears, search for a brilliant inexperienced husk that holds on tight to the cob. Keep away from free or yellowed husks. 
How you can prep it: uncooked, boiled, steamed, or grilled 
What to make with it: Vegan Summer season Picnic Corn and Poblano Pepper Salad

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2. Hatch Chiles

Spice-averse, don’t fear—these massive peppers are much less about spice and extra about their intense taste. The hatch chile peak season is comparatively quick—usually August by way of September—so get your fill whilst you can. How you can choose a pepper? Search for a brilliant inexperienced pepper (they flip pink as they ripen) that feels heavy for its dimension. The pores and skin also needs to be taut and agency. 
How you can prep it: roasted or grilled 
What to make with it: Vegan Inexperienced Corn Tamales

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3. Cucumber

Shock, that is additionally a fruit (most of us had been severely misled in elementary faculty on the subject of produce). With cucumbers—and most greens, as you’ll see—greater isn’t essentially higher. Smaller ‘cukes are typically much less water-logged and extra flavorful. Choose a cucumber that’s vibrantly inexperienced and never the largest of the bunch. 
How you can prep it: uncooked or pickled  
What to make with it: Cool Cucumber Salad with Pink Onions.

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4. Eggplant

Those that don’t develop up cooking eggplant are sometimes intimidated by this bulbous fruit (simply assume that three of the subsequent seven objects on this checklist are technically fruits). Summer season is the time to experiment with eggplant. When it’s at its peak, it’s much less more likely to be bitter. Search for a brilliant purple, small-to-midsize plant that’s agency to the contact. 
How you can prep it: sautéed, roasted, grilled, steamed, or fried
What to make with it: Sticky Candy Miso Eggplant

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5. Okra

Those that don’t take pleasure in okra simply haven’t had it ready to their liking. This warm-weather veggie is extraordinarily versatile, and whereas okra-based gumbo is outstanding, there’s much more okra can do. Select the brightest items you’ll find which can be not more than 4 inches lengthy, and keep away from any blemished or gentle pods.  
How you can prep it: fried, stewed, pickled, or sautéed 
What to make with it: Okra Pilaf with Coconut Bacon

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6. Tomatoes

Summer season is the time to splurge on the heirloom selection. Even tomato-haters could also be captivated with these lopsided, multi-colored fruits. They’re candy, agency, and minimally slimy in comparison with a roma or beefsteak tomato. Choose heirlooms which can be agency, heavy for his or her dimension, and dazzle you with their distinctive designs. 
How you can prep it: uncooked, roasted, grilled, or pickled
What to make with it: Matthew Kenney’s Uncooked Lasagna

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7. Avocados

Eating places ought to actually drop the upcharge for avocados and guacamole throughout summertime. In the course of the low season, positive, we begrudgingly perceive, however avocados are ample throughout the summer time. To pick an avo that’s able to eat, gently maintain the produce in your palm and provides it a really delicate squeeze. The pores and skin ought to give ever-so-slightly. If it’s onerous sufficient to double as a projectile weapon, permit it to ripen a number of days. If it’s gentle, make guacamole. 
How you can prep it: uncooked or grilled 
What to make with it: Uncooked Spicy Avocado Jalapeño Soup

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8. Inexperienced beans

It’s odd that inexperienced bean casserole is so in style throughout the late fall, as a result of inexperienced beans are at their greatest throughout the summer time. Throughout these sizzling months, you don’t have to cowl up the beans with a vegan bechamel sauce—they’re delicious on their very own. We don’t counsel you choose by way of each single bean on the farmers’ market, however attempt to seize a handful of the brightest-hued beans. At dwelling, compost any beans that don’t have a crisp snap to them. 
How you can prep it: uncooked, steamed, or sautéed
What to make with it: Vegan Nicoise Salad

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9. New potatoes

No, a brand new potato varietal has not been invented. These spuds are tiny, spherical tubers which can be harvested earlier than they develop into the baseball-sized potato we use for baking and mashing. New potatoes are tender, buttery, and fluffy. One of the best ones are agency and free from sprouts, bruises, or wrinkles. 
How you can prep it: steamed, roasted, or grilled 
What to make with it: Balsamic Roasted New Potatoes with Asparagus


10. Zucchini  

Ever reached for a cucumber solely to appreciate it’s a zucchini? Thankfully, they’re each in season throughout summer time. Like cucumbers, you don’t need a huge zucchini—the smaller ones usually include extra taste. You’ll additionally need to choose a squash that’s heavy, agency, and brilliant inexperienced. Right here’s to zoodles all summer time lengthy. 
How you can prep it: uncooked, steamed, roasted, grilled, or pickled 
What to make with it: Vegan Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Salad

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11. Shishito Peppers

Farmer Tanaka raved about these barely spicy summertime peppers. “They’re such a beautiful summertime deal with. Sauteed with a bit of olive oil and garlic and salt—so good. I serve them as an appetizer.” Like most greens on this checklist, the colour must be brilliant and the pores and skin must be taut and agency. 
How you can prep it: roasted, grilled, pickled, sauteed, or fried
What to make with it: Pumpkin tamales with Shishito Peppers

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews in addition to a author and health fanatic dwelling in Orange County, CA.

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