500 ml milk

½ lemon juice

For the Syrup:

400gms Sugar

1000ml water

For the Spiced Milk:

1000ml Evaporated milk

6-7 Saffron strands

8 tbsp of Sugar

For the Biscuit:

50 grams refined flour

15 grams icing sugar

25 grams butter


1.Warmth the milk and produce it to a boil. 

2.Add lime juice to curdle the milk, ensuring that the milk is curdled correctly.

3.Pressure the curdled milk via a muslin fabric ensuring it’s separated from the milk solids.

4.Now take the strained milk solids and mash to make a easy dough that may be rolled into small tikkis. And maintain it apart.

5.Now combine water and sugar properly to make a sugar syrup. Add the milk stable tikkis to it.

6.Boil sugar syrup with milk stable tikkis, ensure that the sugar syrup doesn”t thicken.

7.After boiling the tikkis in sugar syrup cool it down and squeeze out the sugar syrup from the tikkis.

8.To make the flavoured milk, take the evaporated milk. 

9.Add sugar, saffron strands and blend them properly.

10.Add the tikkis to the flavoured milk. Make it possible for the Tikkis are absolutely merged within the milk.

11.To make the biscuits: Combine the butter and sugar collectively till it’s white in color

12.Add the refined flour to the creamed sugar and butter.

13.Preheat the oven at 180 levels Celsius.

14.Roll out the skinny and small biscuits as equal to the scale of the malai tikkis.

15.Bake it for 8 to 10 minutes and take it out of the oven and funky it down.


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