(WXOW) – Wisconsin Beef Council Consultant Angie Horkan highlighted some straightforward, meal-prep recipes centered round beef on Monday morning.

The primary meal she discusses is any straightforward, to-go breakfast dish. Angie highlights the meat sausage & egg muffin cups, paired with granola, yogurt, and strawberries. Discover a recipe for this meal-prep dish proper right here: https://www.beeftips.com/recipes/recipe/5748/beef-sausage-egg-muffin-cups

The second meal can fulfill these lunch or dinner cravings. Save a steak from Sunday evening dinner and craft up a grilled steak & Asian noodle salad. Discover the recipe proper right here: https://www.beeftips.com/recipes/recipe/4062/grilled-steak-and-asian-noodle-salad


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