Award-winning cookbook creator Alice Medrich is right here that can assist you bake smarter, not more durable, with game-changing recipes and aha-moment methods. Immediately, we’re breaking down a query we have requested ourselves, oh, one million occasions: How can we adapt cake pan sizes in baking recipes? (Say, one thing requires a 8×8-inch, however you solely have an 9×9.) Alice will present you with just a bit math. 

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The brownie recipe you wish to make requires an 8-inch sq. pan, however your solely sq. pan is a 9-inch. Do you have to danger it? Possibly you wish to double or triple a recipe however you are not positive which pan to make use of, or perhaps you could have a selected massive pan however do not know what number of occasions to multiply your recipe so as to fill it.

How do you adapt completely different cake pan sizes for various recipes? 

The solutions to those and comparable questions (requested endlessly in cooking lessons!) don’t contain rocket science, however simply sufficient elementary faculty math to calculate the world of a sq., rectangle, or circle. I like the mathematics (and I’ve included somewhat math evaluate under if you wish to brush up), however I am sharing my chart in case you do not have my factor for math.  

The helpful listing under (or some fundamental math, additionally defined under) will inform you the floor space of your pan. As soon as you already know the world of any pan, you possibly can evaluate it to the world of one other pan to see how a lot larger or smaller it’s. You may divide the world of a big pan by the world of a small pan to determine what number of occasions to multiply a recipe to fill the bigger pan with the identical depth of batter (extra on that later).

Helpful listing (with the numbers rounded as much as the closest inch):

Space of sq./rectangle pans:

  • 6 x 6 = 36 sq. inches
  • 7 x 7 = 49 sq. inches
  • 8 x 8 = 64 sq. inches
  • 9 x 9 = 81 sq. inches
  • 9 x 13 = 117 sq. inches
  • 12 x 16 (half-sheet pan) = 192 sq. inches

Space of spherical pans:

  • 5 inch = 20 sq. inches
  • 6 inch = 29 sq. inches
  • 7 inch = 39 sq. inches
  • 8 inch = 50 sq. inches
  • 9 inch = 64 sq. inches
  • 10 inch = 79 sq. inches
  • 12 inch = 113 sq. inches

Geometry evaluate:

I do not all the time have the chart at hand; I usually simply do the mathematics!

For squares and rectangles: The realm of a sq. or rectangular pan is calculated by multiplying one facet occasions the opposite facet. The realm of an 8-inch sq. is 64 sq. inches as a result of 8 x 8 = 64; the world of a 9 x 13-inch pan is 117 sq. inches as a result of 9 x 13 = 117. Simple. 

For rounds: The realm of a circle equals π occasions the radius squared. In case you do not bear in mind, π = 3.14; the radius of a circle is half of its diameter; and squaring means multiplying a quantity by itself. Prepared? To calculate the world of an 8-inch spherical pan, multiply 3.14 (π) by 4 (as a result of it is half of 8) occasions 4. Thus, the world of an 8-inch circle is 3.14 x 4 x 4, roughly 50 sq. inches. Not so onerous!

Simply by glancing on the two pans, you may assume {that a} 9-inch pan may be very shut in measurement to an 8-inch pan of the identical form, thus making it an affordable substitute. However in case you test the chart, you may discover {that a} 9-inch sq. pan is greater than 25% bigger than an 8-inch sq. pan. (The connection between a 9-inch and 8-inch spherical pan is comparable.) Such a substantial distinction will end in a 9-inch batch of very skinny brownies that could be over-baked by the point you test them for doneness (as a result of skinny brownies bake sooner than thick ones). Understanding this beforehand, you possibly can improve the recipe by 25% for outcomes as thick than the unique recipe supposed. If you need brownies which might be even a tad thicker than the unique recipe, you possibly can even improve the recipe by 33%. 

Let’s strive an instance: What number of occasions do you have to multiply an 8-inch brownie recipe to fill a 9- x 13-inch pan or a 12- x 16-inch half sheet? To determine this out, divide the world of the bigger pan by the world of the 8-inch pan.  

  • For the 9- x 13-inch pan: 117 divided by 64 = 1.82, which is shut sufficient to 2 you could confidently double the recipe for the bigger pan.  
  • For the half sheet: 192 divided by 64 is strictly 3, so you possibly can multiply the recipe occasions 3.  

Utilizing comparable math, you possibly can calculate what number of occasions to multiply the recipe for a spherical cake to make a big rectangular sheet cake. And remember that you do not all the time need to multiply recipes by complete numbers—it is completely high-quality to multiply a recipe by 1 1/2 or 2 2/3. 

About now, you is likely to be questioning about eggs. It is good in case you can improve recipes in order that you do not have to take care of fractions of eggs — by growing a 2-egg batter by 1 1/2 or a 3-egg batter by 1/3 or 2/3, for instance — however it isn’t important.

Here is what to do in case you multiply a recipe and find yourself needing a part of an egg: Put aside any complete eggs you want. Subsequent, whisk the opposite egg to mix the white and yolk; weigh it (ideally in grams); then weigh out the fraction of the egg that you simply want for the recipe and add that to the complete eggs. For those who want 40% of a 50-gram egg, that is 20 grams of the whisked egg. When egg whites and yolks are used individually, weigh and measure them in the identical method, however individually. Add leftover egg elements to your morning scramble. See, no waste and nonetheless no rocket science!

The chart (or your potential to do the mathematics) is extraordinarily helpful: Use it however do not be a slave to it. Once I make brownies in a big amount, I like them to be about the identical thickness as they’re in a small batch, so I keep near the chart. However, after I improve the size of a birthday cake, I usually make it a bit taller than the unique (in different phrases, I spherical up when multiplying) as a result of the proportions are visually extra pleasing. For instance, if I’m making a 12-inch spherical cake utilizing a recipe meant for an 8-inch pan, I divide the world of the 12-inch spherical pan (113) by the world of the 8-inch spherical (50 inches) and get 2.26. However as a substitute of multiplying the recipe by simply 2.26, I would multiply it by 3 in order that the cake will end up tall and lofty. See: Love the chart, however do not let it bully you! 

While you spherical issues up like that, do not go overboard: Pans shouldn’t be crammed greater than about 2/3 full or batter might overflow. For those who do find yourself with an excessive amount of batter, scrape the surplus into cupcake molds or a mini cake pan — bonus muffins by no means go uneaten! 

While you improve recipes and bake in bigger pans, it’s best to anticipate longer baking — wherever from somewhat longer if the pans are crammed to the identical stage as the unique recipe to significantly longer if you’re making the cake taller by filling the pan a bit extra. If you’re making a smaller quantity of the recipe, test sooner than you assume you want. And all the time use a cake tester to test to see if the cake is completed.

Listed below are 10 baking recipes to place your newfound information to good use: 

1. Triple-Chocolate Olive Oil Brownies

Bittersweet chocolate, chocolate syrup, and Dutch-process cocoa powder make these brownies as chocolatey as might be. We love the olive oil’s grassy taste, however be happy to swap in canola in case you’re not a fan. 

2. Prepare dinner’s Illustrated’s Blondies

Meet the blondie recipe that can smash you for all others. Do not say we did not warn you! Made with melted butter, they’re simply as gooey and fudgy as a blondie ought to be. 

3. Peanut Butter Sheet Cake 

“Bake this peanut butter sheet cake for birthday events, celebrations, or simply as a result of,” writes recipe developer EmilyC. “It is really easy to assemble, feeds a crowd, and can put a smile on everybody’s face.” 

4. Magic Cookie Bars

Once we say magic, we imply it. These traditional cookie bars embody graham cracker crumbs, sweetened condensed milk, semisweet chocolate chips, toasted nuts, shredded coconut, and coconut flakes. Oh, and butter, due to course. 

5. Lemon Bars With A Salty Olive Oil Crust

Whereas most lemon bar crusts are butter-based, like a traditional shortbread, this one opts for a contemporary improve: olive oil as a substitute. A beneficiant pinch of salt brings out the olive oil’s savoriness in a method the lemons actually love. Serve extra-cold with confectioners’ sugar dusted on prime. 

Extra concepts from the editors:

6. Minnie Utsey’s No-Fail Cornbread

This recipe is strictly as its identify guarantees: no-fail. For that motive, I come again to it time and time once more anytime a cornbread craving hits. Scale it up or down as wanted, however I assure there might be none left over.

7. Mochi Banana Bread 

“What occurs to traditional banana bread while you swap in candy rice flour?” asks recipe developer Pleasure Cho. “The result’s neither wholly mochi nor conventional banana bread — it is a beautiful in-between, decidedly accustomed to a enjoyable textural twist.” Glutinous rice flour brings mochi’s signature chewy texture to the world of banana bread. Even higher: it requires solely about half the time within the oven as a typical banana bread would.

8. Powdered Donut Cake

This good dessert mashup comes from Snacking Truffles (the ebook, but in addition the idea) queen, Yossy Arefi. It is mild and fluffy with all of the powdered sugar goodness of your favourite childhood donut holes. One of the best half? Arefi encourages experimentation and even offers recommended measurements for numerous pan sizes.

9. Madeira Cake

This easy European cake is a lot extra scrumptious than the sum of its elements. Gentle sponge flavored with only a trace of citrus, this cake is the proper accompaniment to a cup of espresso or tea, and even fortified wine (similar to its identify implies!)

10. Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and Salty Peanuts

For the chocolate-peanut butter lovers in your life. This will simply be their dream birthday cake, and now you possibly can simply scale it to accommodate any variety of friends.



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