Individuals can use quite a few options to substitute the recent, floor, and seed types of coriander.

Coriander comes from the plant referred to as Coriandrum sativum L. It has a powerful taste and scent, and is a favourite for seasoning in recipes. Individuals everywhere in the world use it of their delicacies, from Asia and the Center East to Latin America.

Individuals use completely different terminology for the leaves, the powdered or floor type, and the seed of the plant, relying on the place the individual comes from.

On this article, “coriander” refers back to the seeds of the plant, whereas “cilantro” refers back to the plant’s recent leaves. The article discusses substitutions for the recent, powdered, and seed varieties.

The principle causes for substituting coriander and cilantro are:

  • style
  • availability
  • an allergy to coriander

Beneath are 10 substitutes for floor coriander, coriander seeds, and recent cilantro leaves.

Cilantro and coriander add taste to meals, they usually even have many well being advantages.

Research recommend that each varieties have antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits.

Regardless of the numerous well being advantages and vary of makes use of, an individual might dislike cilantro or coriander’s pungent scent and style. Analysis performed in 2012 signifies that some folks understand the style of cilantro as “soapy.” attributable to genetics.

Coriander and cilantro comprise aldehydes. Cleaning soap additionally incorporates aldehydes.

In some folks, the aldehydes in cilantro might activate the OR6A2 olfactory receptor gene, which causes the individual to understand it as having a soapy style and scent.

Cilantro has a citrus-like taste and the recent leaves are straightforward so as to add for seasoning.

There are a number of recent herbs an individual can use so as to add taste to dishes in the event that they don’t need to use cilantro, together with:


French recipes typically embody tarragon. The flavors are finest when the leaves are shiny inexperienced.

This herb has a light style. Combining it with different herbs resembling basil, fennel and garlic enriches taste. Tarragon works finest as a cilantro substitute when used with meals resembling:


Basil is from the mint household and is a standard herb in Italian delicacies. It varieties the principle ingredient in pesto and pairs effectively with garlic, lemon, and tomato.

Southeast Asian dishes, resembling Thai curry, typically embody basil. The style tends to be sweeter than cilantro.

Thai basil

Thai basil has an anise tone and is preferable when cooking Southeast Asian delicacies.

This herb is a well-liked substitute in curries and stir-fries.


Parsley has related traits to cilantro, however veers towards the bitter facet.

Parsley is out there in curly and flat-leaf varieties. It’s finest when chopped finely and blended into soups and casseroles, or added to salads.


Recent dill is in season in spring and early summer time. Nonetheless, it’s typically out there in supermarkets all year long.

Dill additionally has an anise tone, however it will probably flip bitter in scorching summer time temperatures.

The flavors are strongest when cooked for brief bursts of time. This makes it appropriate for including to:

An individual can pair lime with cilantro substitutes in curries, dips, and Asian dishes for related style combos.

They’ll pair garlic with coriander for extra European-influenced dishes.

Floor coriander is the powdered or “spice” type of coriander seeds.

The bottom type of seeds typically has a much less intense style, so it could be price growing the quantity throughout cooking to realize the specified taste.


Cumin and coriander typically go collectively in recipes. Cumin is a well-liked ingredient in lots of cuisines world wide. It has a nutty style, so it’s best so as to add it slowly for the correct taste stability. Pair it with:

Cumin is a flavorsome addition to casseroles, curries, and soups. Nonetheless, the seeds may be robust. An individual could make their very own floor cumin by toasting the seeds after which utilizing a pestle and mortar to grind them.

The dietary worth of cumin seeds for 1 teaspoon (tsp) or 2.1 grams (g) is:

  • water – 0.169 g
  • vitality – 7.88 kilocalories (Kcal)
  • protein – 0.374 g

Curry powder

Curry powder is a collective time period for a spice combine containing dried spices resembling ginger, cumin, and turmeric, in addition to coriander.

Individuals would possibly want a mix of flavors if coriander is simply too overpowering by itself.

Garam masala

Garam masala is sweeter than curry powder and doesn’t have the identical turmeric base tone.

Widespread substances embody a mix of:

The collective mix is fragrant and generally utilized in northern Indian delicacies.


Caraway is analogous in style to coriander and wouldn’t be an advisable substitute for individuals who don’t like coriander’s style.

Nonetheless, it does make it one of many best direct substitutes for coriander.

Its candy undertone makes it applicable for sauces, marinades, and one-pot dishes. Individuals can add caraway to dishes in both seed or floor type.


Floor fennel has a candy undertone. It goes effectively with root greens in dishes resembling soups, casseroles, and curries.

Fennel can be a standard taste in breads in addition to candy meals.

Individuals can use fennel seeds so as to add taste and texture to dishes resembling roast greens. They’ll additionally toast the seeds and add them to salads or curries.

Dietary worth of fennel per 1 tsp (2.1 g)

  • water – 0.207 g
  • vitality – 6.99 Kcal
  • protein – 0.415 g

Individuals use coriander and cilantro in cuisines everywhere in the world. The extreme taste and style can divide opinion. Some folks might even expertise the flavour in another way attributable to their genetic make-up.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of substitutes for coriander and cilantro which can be straightforward to search out and use.

Herbs can substitute recent cilantro and there are appropriate spice substitutes for powdered (floor) and seed types of coriander.

Individuals will use completely different types of the herb and spice, relying on what they’re cooking.


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